Support With Compassion Family Counseling, LLC


Donna’s caring and compassionate personality sends an immediate message to hurting individuals and families that “this can be ok.” During times of crisis, coming to this “calm” is essential to healing. Her knowledgeable approach to working with individuals, families and groups is fresh and innovative.


Having worked with Donna personally and professionally, I have the utmost respect and trust in her skills. I know this at a very personal level because I entrusted her with a recent situation involving my own 10-year-old son.


Donna reaches out when you’re hurting too badly to hold out your own arms and her personal faith and walk with God guides her hands. Donna can help start your journey to a new way of life.

Linda S. Penta, MSW


Support With Compassion Family Counseling is a great resource for our community. It is Biblically based Christian counseling and I am glad to recommend Support With Compassion Family Counseling.

Pastor Craig Mele
Maple View Baptist Church


I have known Donna Withrow for many years. She is a very gifted and capable Christian who demonstrates great concern and compassion for others. She has been very helpful to a number of persons in our congregation. I would not hesitate to refer individuals or families to her because she is not only very well prepared academically; she is also prepared very well spiritually. She will compassionately guide her clients with good counseling procedures and direct them with biblical precepts and principles in order to help them experience healing. She has a genuine desire to be helpful and assist others in times of need. Clients will discover that she is easy to approach, open to their needs, and sincerely interested in helping them.


I highly recommend the counseling services of Donna Withrow.

William Rivers, Pastor
Bel Forest Baptist Church


I have worked with Mrs. Withrow and have had the great privilege of seeing her work with many clients. She has a quiet ability to get people to open up and share what’s really going on with them inside. She is very professional and has a keen eye for guiding clients to make decisions for “themselves” that will better their lives.

Amanda Sanders-Nash, BSW


My wife and I first met Donna Withrow when we attended a class on effective parenting. She not only talked to us about the techniques for effective parenting but also incorporated role playing to put the techniques into action. This class really helped us tremendously with positive and effective parenting for our children. Because of the success we had with the parenting class, my wife and I decided to see Donna to help with couples counseling. My wife and I have been to two other counselors and none of them compared to how Donna Withrow conducted her sessions. Not only was it about talk therapy but each session was action oriented. She gave us a task list to take home and work on to put into action what was discussed. Plus, we did role playing during the sessions to work on effective communication and barriers that come up during difficult discussions. I felt that we would never find a good counselor. I have been to five counselors in my life, including psychologists and psychiatrists, and Donna, by far, has been the best. We highly recommend her.


Thanks for everything!